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Almyrida - Chania

Crete - Greece



If you are looking for a Greek island full of fun, hospitality, warmth and relaxation then look no further than Crete!


Crete has everything you want from an island: Fine sandy beaches, traditional villages, dramatic mountains, remarkably rich history, remains from ancient civilizations and even more.

Its the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean and the largest in Europe. Its climate, which is one of the best in Europe, is mild in winter and sunny though spring, summer and autumn with a cooling breeze on even the hottest of days.


Villa Dina is only a short drive away, almost 23 km from Chania once the island capital.

The city of Chania is located on the west coast of Crete and its the most mountainous area of the island. The city splits up to the old city, with Venetian walls, the labyrinthine lanes, the Venetian small streets and the new city which was build the last years far away from the old city with good street layout , new buildings squares, streets etc.

With its famous Venetian harbor, picturesque waterfront cafés in front and the Agora Market, which is in the shape of the cross, what a better place to relax and to enjoy the sunny days.

Chania is the gateway to the far west of Crete, where the most remote and most spectacular spots are to be found.

South are the Lefka Ori or White Mountains and the famous Samaria Gorge, the longest in Europe.

East are situated the quiet peaceful villages of Apokoronas with its narrow roads full and a landscape of wild nature full of light and sea, which capture the visitor and detach the returns promise.

One of those villages is Almyrida, a small fishing village and although more and more people have gradually discover Almyridas charms and the village with its countryside have seen changes which include some additional buildings, nothing has spoilt the lovely bay and Almyrida still retains the archetypical Greek fishing village atmosphere which make it a favorite summer holiday resort.



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